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Jun 18, 2020

The Toyota Supra has become a tuner icon, and mainly based around the legendary tuning ability of the 2JZ-GTE engine used in the top-ranking A80 (Mk 4) cars. Toyota's flagship performance engine was a twin-turbo straight-six that builders quickly learned was strong enough to be tuned to make crazy amounts of power. The new fifth-generation Toyota Supra initially shipped with a turbocharged straight-six engine as the only option, but BMW builds this one. Like the 2JZ engine, though, tuners have realized it's just a strong as the 2JZ and can take plenty more power.

We're already starting to see 10-second modern Supras, as well as Supras built to do more than drive fast in a straight line. It's still early days for the new Supra as it's only in its second year of production, but these are our favorite builds so far. Plus, of course, a classic MK IV Supra build to remind us just how far tuners can take a Supra.

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