Lauren Leazenby at wrote these 5 pros for the 2020 Supra.

1. Sounds Good

The Supra sounds as a sports car should. It hits some notes in Normal mode, but in Sport, it really goes all out. When driving hard, Wong said, the car boasts a “soundtrack” to match. The engine growls when you’re on the accelerator and makes all sorts of pops when you lift your foot off, not to mention lots of loud blips when it upshifts.

2. Gives More Power Than It’s Rated For

Despite its tuning, the Supra does maintain some of the quirks of a BMW — one of those being the tendency for the European luxury brand to underrate the power of its engines. While the window sticker will tell you this thing gets 335 horsepower out of its 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine, it feels more like 380 or 390 hp. And, it pours on quickly.

3. Sharp Steering

The Supra steers well. Given the Z4’s problems in that area, the steering feels a lot better in the Supra, despite the similar hardware. It has a decent amount of weight without feeling too cumbersome and gives good feedback.

4. No Manual, But …

This may be a “don’t like” for true manual fans, but the standard eight-speed automatic is the only transmission option in the Supra. However, it’s a good one. It holds onto gears well and makes fast, refined upshifts under aggressive driving conditions. Normal mode offers a more relaxed transmission response.

5. Snug Fit but Serves All Sizes

Lower the seat and slide it back, and almost anyone can fit in the Supra, even taller drivers and passengers. The bubbles in the roof above each seat increase headroom. That said, it’s not exactly a roomy fit — perhaps “cozy” is the better word for it.

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