Would You Pay $500,000 For A Mint-Condition 1998 Toyota Supra?

Jacob Oliva, NOV. 17, 2019, Motor1.com

All stock and comes with the original 1998-exclusive Quicksilver paint job.

How much are you willing to spend on a Toyota Supra? If you ask the person who bought the auctioned first production Supra at Barrett-Jackson, that would be $2.1 million, but that's for a charitable cause, mind you.

However, a quarter of that mentioned amount will get you this – a 1998 Toyota Supra A80 in mint condition and now being sold at Carsforsale.com for a whopping $500,000. Actually, 500 grand would give you a dollar change. This puts the previously-auctioned limited edition $176,000 MK4 Supra to shame.

What makes this Supra so special to have this price tag? Apart from the hype that surrounds the old Supras because of the controversial A90 model, this particular JZA80 Supra is in mint condition and looks like it just rolled off a Toyota showroom in 1998. (On the contrary, this Supra already has 37,257 miles on it.)

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