Camping Trip: The RAV 4

A man is unloading camping gear from his green 2019 Toyota Rav 4 which is parked next to a grey one. The campsite is dark with string lights set up. Find the Rav 4 at Toyota Dealership

The RAV4 has a lot to offer. With a sleek modern design, tons of storage space, and excellent off-road capabilities, the 2019 RAV4 can take you well off the beaten trail. Learn more about RAV4

Family Beach Trip: The Sienna

A man is unloading beach gear from his dark blue 2019 Toyota Sienna. Find the minivan at a Toyota dealership.

Now if summer makes you think of everyone in the family packing up their clothes, toys, electronics, snacks, strollers, and the dog, the 2019 Toyota Sienna may be the perfect fit. Shop Sienna at Bayside Toyota

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