Imagine waking each morning to a chorus of birds, and the rustling of leaves as wind caresses the trees. Imagine the sun breaking majestically over the mountains as you sip your morning tea.

In the yard, herds of deer graze and frolic in the dewy grass.

Far off, a geyser roars forth a frothy spray of water to greet the sky.

If this sounds like your ideal retirement, then you'll be jealous of these Camry Hybrid batteries.

Toyota, in its partnership with the National Parks Service, helped Yellowstone National Park out with a power situation. The Lamar Buffalo Ranch was far off the grid, and was being powered by noisy and wasteful generators.

To replace these generators, Toyota offered 208 hybrid batteries-- no longer powerful enough to run a car on their own, but combined, strong enough to hold many hours of electricity to power buildings.

The batteries are charged each day by solar panels, and at night, when the panels are not producing energy, they release that stored energy to provide uninterrupted power.

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