Coming January 2016: The Toyota Research Institute

Ever notice how tech companies are starting to horn in on auto companies' business, between Apple's self-driving car, and Google's... also self-driving car?

Well, Toyota Motor Corporation is tired of being the last kid on the block to have a robot-car that drives itself.

With a $1 billion investment, they're opening a new tech company in Silicon Valley- Toyota Research Institute (TRI).

The goal of this R&D company is to develop robotics and artificial intelligence. They're not flying blind into the effort, either. First, Toyota pulled a top robotics engineer from DARPA (the Department of Defense's R&D agency) to be the CEO. Dr. Gill Pratt will be drawing from his own expertise, as well as hiring around 200 people when the company opens in January, and working in association with MIT and California's own Stanford University.

Toyota will be developing AI, likely in pursuit of an autonomous vehicle able to look at its surroundings with sensors and cameras, much like a human would with eyes and ears, and "think" about how to navigate in real traffic, just like a human would.

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