Oil Creek Gives Toyota Mirai a Boost

Look up the history of the oil industry, and you'll learn about Titusville, PA. This small Pennsylvania town rose to fame when Colonel Edwin Drake inspected a spring of oil bubbling up from the earth. Native Americans had long been skimming oil from the surface of Oil Creek, but when Drake arrived, the first production-scale oil wells began to be drilled.

Titusville, PA and Oil Creek have been called the "birthplace of the oil industry," and the beginning of the transportation revolution. Now, we're on the cusp of another transportation revolution. Symbolically closing the cycle, Toyota returns to Titusville to use the water from Oil Creek, rather than the oil, to fuel the new Toyota Mirai.

The process of getting hydrogen from water is called electrolysis. Using this method, the 150 gallons of water pulled from Oil Creek can be converted to enough hydrogen to fuel a dozen hydrogen cars.

Visit Bayside Toyota to learn more about the Toyota Mirai, and how it can be fueled by everything from water, to cow poop. While you're here, take a peek at the rest of our reliable and fuel-efficient inventory.

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