Toyota Reveals All-New Crossover Concept at Paris Motor Show

Everyone who has anything to do with the automotive industry is currently turning their attention across the Atlantic to the Paris International Motor Show. This event kicked off earlier this week and already we have seen some incredible new vehicles from some of the world's leading manufacturers. With Toyota being the world's largest, we knew it had to have something extra special up its sleeve, and it turns out we were right. Meet the all-new Toyota C-HR Concept.

This new C-segment crossover concept car from Toyota is unlike anything we have ever seen. It's aggressive and angular design is a step away from the current and more muted stylings of new Toyota vehicles and what's more, the C-HR is a crossover coupe. That means this bad boy is only rocking two doors on its all-new Toyota platform. Take a look for yourself:

The entire crossover segment is still growing, and we are very curious if this C-HR Concept means we will be seeing a two-door crossover model enter our lineup in the near future. To learn more about the current crossovers in our inventory, or any of the other vehicles we currently have in stock, please just stop by the Bayside Toyota showroom. We hope to see you soon!

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