Toyota Can now Find our Keys whenever We Lose Them!

Anyone who has ever driven a car has surely experienced the stress, panic, and despair that comes with losing your keys. It's crazy how it always seems to happen at the worst possible moment when you are late for work or have to pick the kids up after school. That's why we are thanking the stars that Toyota has just created the Key Finder.

This new Toyota accessory is available right here in our Toyota Parts department and we think everyone should come pick one up.

The Toyota Key Finder is a small device that you attach to your key chain. After downloading a special app onto your iPhone, finding your keys is as easy as pressing a button in the app. The device lets off a high-pitched beeping sound that you can keep playing until they are in your hand.

Pretty cool right? The Key finder would be the perfect gift for every driver on your holiday shopping list this year. Stop by the Bayside Toyota showroom to learn more. We hope to see you soon.

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